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Computer Realted Full form

In this post we share about full form of computer because computer subject is easy to learn & understand. So, who’s student preparing for government exam read this post .

S.No. Short form Full form
1. Computer Commonly Operated Machine Particularly Used in Technical and Educational Research
2. CPU Central Processing Unit
3. ROM Read Only Memory
4. RAM Random Access Memory
5. PROM Programmable Read Only Memory
6. EPROM Erasable PROM
7. EEPROM Electrically EPROM
8. FDD Floppy Disk Drive
9. HDD Hard Disk Drive
10. I/O Input & Output
11. KBD KeyBoard
12. CD Compact Disk
13. DVD Digital Video Disk
14. SMPS Switch Mode Power Supply
15. POST Power ON Self Test
16. LED Light Embedded Diode
17. LCD Liquid Crystal Display
18. USB Universal Serial Bus
19. BIOS Basic Input Output System
20. VDU Visible Display Unit
21. VGA Video/Visual Graphic Adapter
22. LAN Local Area Network
23. WAN Wide Area Network
24. MAN Metropolitan Area Network
25. LLL Low Level Language
26. HLL High Level Language
27. MIPS Million of Instruction Per Second
28. Kbps Kilo Bytes per second
29. Mbps Mega Bytes Per second
30. WWW World Wide Web
31. IP Internet Protocol
32. ISP Internet Service Provider
33. HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
34. HTTPS Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure
35. URL Uniform Resource Locator
36. USB Universal Serial Bus
37. VIRUS Vital Information Resource Under Seized
38. GSM Global System for Mobile Communication
39. CDMA Code Division Multiple Access
40. GIF Graphic Interchangeable Format
41. JPEG Joint Photographic Expert Group
42. BMP Bitmap
43. PNG Portable Network Graphics
44. PDF Portable Document Format
45. GUI Graphical User Interface.


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