30 March 2022 Current Affairs

30 March 2022 Current Affairs
30 March 2022 Current Affairs

Current Affairs

30 March 2022 Current Affairs: In this post, we share daily updated Current Affairs. This topic is the most important part of all competitive exams. All these posts are very important for all the candidates who are preparing for the competitive exam. C

Current Affairs 30 March 2022 

Ques 1. Which country’s tennis player Ashleigh Barty has announced her retirement at the age of 25?
Ans. Australia

Ques 2. As per government data, as of 2022, which state has the highest number of ODF plus villages in the country?
Ans. Telangana

Ques 3. Which is the hottest place on earth?
Ans. Kuwait

Ques 4. In which Indian state/UT was the ‘National Culture Festival 2022’ inaugurated?
Ans. Andra Pradesh

Ques 5. Who has been distinguished with the Abel Prize for the year 2022?
Ans. Dennis Parnell

Ques 6. Which film directed by David Lynch has been awarded in the Best Editing category at the Ninty-Four Academy Awards?
Ans. Encanto

Ques 7. Which film actor in the Bengal film industry has passed away?
Ans. Abhishek Chatterjee

Ques 8. Which Indian Navy ship has been honored with the prestigious President’s Colours?
Ans. INS Valsura

Ques 9. In which national park of India, the Bamo technique of Africa has been used?
Ans. Keoladeo National Park

Ques 10. The NCPOR working under which ministry has successfully implemented the Polar Science and Cryosphere Research Scheme?
Ans. Ministry of earth sciences

Ques 11. How many latest planets have been discovered by NASA outside the Earth’s solar system?
Ans. 65

Ques 12. Which Airport Limited has recently won the ‘COVID Champion’ award at Wings India 2022?
Ans. Cochin International Airport Limited

Ques 13. Who has written the book Anfield Barrels: India’s Oil Story?
Ans. Richa Mishra

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