19 February 2022 Current Affairs

19 February 2022 Current Affairs
19 February 2022 Current Affairs

Current Affairs

19 February 2022 Current Affairs: In this post, we share daily updated Current Affairs. This topic is the most important part of all competitive exams. All these posts are very most important for all the candidates who are preparing for the competitive exam.

 Current Affairs 19 February 2022

Ques 1. Which Union Ministry/Institute organized the Global Summit on ‘Reimagining Museums in India’?
Ans. Ministry of Culture

Ques 2. In which state was the Waste to Wealth Creation Program launched by the Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI)?
Ans. West Bengal

Ques 3. Which species is the Crimson Rose in the news?
Ans. Butterfly

Ques 4. NITI Aayog will launch the “Fintech Open Hackathon” in collaboration with which company?
Ans. PhonePe

Ques 5. Sandhya Mukherjee has passed away, she was a singer of which language.
Ans. Bengali

Ques 6. By what procedure was the world’s first woman cured of HIV?
Ans. stem cell transplant

Ques 7. Which state team has won the women’s title in the Senior National Volleyball Championship 2021-22?
Ans. Kerala

Ques 8. In which country will the G20 summit 2023 be held?
Ans. India

Ques 9. The Indian Navy successfully test-fired which supersonic cruise missile at sea on 18 February 2022 from its warship INS Visakhapatnam?
Ans. BrahMos Missile

Ques 10. To whom has Twitter partnered for tips in India?
Ans. Paytm Payments Bank

Ques 11. Who has delivered the inaugural address at The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) World Sustainable Development Summit?
Ans. Narendra Modi

Ques 12. The ‘Babushka Battalion’ has been in a lot of discussion between Russia and which country’s tension?
Ans. Ukraine

Ques 13. When is the ’75th Raising Day of Delhi Police’ celebrated?
Ans. 16 February

Ques 4. Cholendra Shumsher Rana is the current Chief Justice of which country?
Ans. Nepal

Ques 15. Who has bought a 25% stake in US-based tech startup ‘TOW Platforms’?
Ans. live

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