17 March 2022 Current Affairs

17 March 2022 Current Affairs
17 March 2022 Current Affairs

Current Affairs

17 March 2022 Current Affairs: In this post, we share daily updated Current Affairs. This topic is the most important part of all competitive exams. All these posts are very important for all the candidates who are preparing for the competitive exam.

Current Affairs 17 March 2022 

Ques 1. In which Indian state has the Iron Age stone known as ‘Menhir’ of white color been discovered?
Ans. Telangana

Ques 2. ‘ULPIN’ in news is a unique identification number related to which sector?
Ans. land resources

Ques 3. Which ministry has organized Gender Dialogue?
Ans. Ministry of Rural Development

Ques 4. Who announced the MSME IDEA Hackathon 2022
Ans. Narayan Rane

Ques 5. India’s equity market has reached which position in the world in terms of market capitalization for the first time?
Ans. fifth

Ques 6. Who has launched India’s first primary market investment platform OneUp?
Ans. IIFL Securities Limited

Ques 7. What is the rank of RailTel in Fortune India The Next 500 List 2022?
Ans. 124th position

Ques 8. Which edition of the BAFTA award has been announced?
Ans. 75th Edition

Ques 9. How much loan has been given by the Government of India to Sri Lanka to help in the import of food, essential products, and medicines?
Ans. US$ 1 billion

Ques 10. Who has been appointed as the new chairman of the ‘Chardham Project Committee’?
Ans. Justice AK Sikri

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